Research & Development Unit

The research and development unit in each organization is formed with the purpose of identifying strengths and improvements for planning to consolidate strengths and changing improvements into strengths. Research and development in Bonian Institute is a definition of creative work that is regularly performed to increasing scientific reserves and technical knowledge as well as using this knowledge in inventing and designing new applications. Research and development unit at industrial centers are responsible for explaining goals, major missions, providing strategic planning (temporal, spatial, financial and manpower) to achieve them, designing and optimizing executive processes, developing short, medium and long term plans for service development and performing developmental affairs, coordination of projects as well as information planning. Change in needs and tastes of customers, quick technology growth, competition with national and international companies to attract the market and also gradual decline and recession of intra-organizational theories and ideas requires that a company in the form of a strong and efficient management system always think optimization, updating and expanding available processes and creating new workflows.

Some of performed plans at research and development unit of Bonian Institute during activity period of the company are as following:

  • Developing strategic plans and identifying major and short-term strategies.
  • Obtaining design and implementation standards from Global Standard Organizations and evaluating products based on deviation percentage from standards.
  • Executing and documenting research and development based tasks and plans in the field of collecting and searching required information for producing water and wastewater industry products, defining new strategies due to projects organization of the company, preparing work team and reporting.
  • Performing research and studies on former projects and required researches in existing defects toward development and optimization of future products.
  • Research on increasing the diversity of products and services.
  • Cooperation with scientific and research institutes.
  • Identifying target markets inside the country and abroad.