Modern technologies

HERO systems

These units (High Efficiency RO) are in fact RO systems that with the latest technology in the world and their special design, their recovery rate has increased up to 85% depending on the project conditions, and for sites for which the recovery rate is very important. It is convenient.

HRD systems

With the efforts of experts, the plan of High Recovery Distillation units has been presented in this collection for the first time in the world. These units are based on MED units, but the recovery of MED units is about 33%, which in the HRD plan depends on the conditions. The project can increase up to 80%, which is a proof of the ability of the elite forces with high scientific ability in the country, and we are proud that we have received the answer of our trust in these young people more and more with God’s blessings.

Hybrid systems

These units are a combination of several desalination technologies, including thermal and membrane, which are used in projects with the aim of increasing productivity and reducing energy consumption with different designs, which require a lot of experience and knowledge, and complete familiarity and mastery. On all desalination technologies.

ZLD systems

These units, called Zero Liquid Discharge units, with their special technology reduce the amount of liquid effluent of the desalination unit to close to zero and are a suitable option for areas that have difficulty disposing of wastewater.

Overhaul and increase the efficiency of desalination plants

Overhaul of desalination units, various systems such as RO, MED, NF, UF to increase efficiency as well as the use of appropriate equipment