Bonian Daneshpajuhan Inst. {BDP) was founded in 2000 by the research department of Young Scholars club to organize domestic elite. BDP Inst. led the elite toward fulfillment the preliminary requirements of our country with cooperation of Young Scholars club as one of the main centre for developing human resources.

Our nonprofit institute was registered in 2002.

Having outstanding human resources and structural relation among them, BDP Inst. Provides variety of capabilities in a Reliable community for our clients to meet the state requirements. We are proud our staff was awarded:

  • 11 Gold Medal from international Olympiad
  • 12 silver Medal from international Olympiad
  • 8 bronze Medal from international Olympiad
  • 25 Gold Medal from national Olympiad
  • 24 silver Medal from national Olympiad
  • 20 bronze Medal from national Olympiad
  • 28 top grades from university entrance exams for BS and MS
  • 15 grades of top student
  • 6 first grades from international Academic Competitions
  • 18 first grades from Kharazmi Festival